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Product FAQ

Queries and answers about FoneMonitor monitoring solution.

1. What is FoneMonitor?
FoneMonitor is highly regarded as the most dependable solution provider for spying on iOS and Android phones.
2. How many devices is FoneMonitor compatible with?
FoneMonitor supports 6000+ devices including iOS and Android OS devices. Furthermore, you don't have to root or jailbreak any of the target devices. You should visit the Compatibility Page to take in extra thoughts.
3. Is registration of an account necessary before utilizing FoneMonitor?
Yes. You definitely have to register an account before you start using FoneMonitor services.
4. How does FoneMonitor function?
FoneMonitor is account-based checking course of action. You don't need to download any applications in solitude phone or present any item on your PC. In the event that you want to monitor any iOS gadget, it will require you to know what the target device owner's iCloud ID is. Otherwise, to spy on any Android device, an installation of a plugin would be required on the target device. To take in more inconspicuous segments, you can learn more from spy on iPhone as well as spy on Android tutorials.
5. What is the functions of FoneMonitor Apps?
They are used for the purposes of monitoring data on any target device.
6. Would I have the ability to exhibit or uninstall the application remotely?
It is not possible. The application must be physically displayed and uninstalled on the device to be monitored. This leaves you with no option but to physically access the target device.
7. Is FoneMonitor icon visible on the monitored device?
Not at all. Android devices will however have a temporary icon though this should be automatically cleared off once the installation process completes up.
8. Where may I have the ability to see information from the target device?
Go to the control panel once you log into your account. You can use your phone, laptop or just from a web browser. To perceive how information is showed up on the FoneMonitor Dashboard, see this demo.
9. How much of the time is the checked information stimulated on FoneMonitor dashboard?
The FoneMonitor watching application introduced on the monitored phone regularly gathers information at general breaks of four hours. Additionally, every time when you are registering with the FoneMonitor account, a dynamic new organizing up demand will be activated to guarantee that you can see the most recent information. You can in like way physically strengthen the information showed up on the Control Panel by tapping the sync icon.
The sync process duration will however depend on certain conditions. Data size that is being transferred and the speed at which your internet runs on the monitored device matters a lot.
It will also lead to a certain extent battery consumption, particularly when the watched information is aggregated via 3G or 4G network on devices that isn't very stable.
10. What does the word "Updated" time mean? I see this at the top left of the Dashboard panel.
It demonstrates the most recent time of manual update of the monitored data.
11. In case I disconnect the monitored device from my FoneMonitor account or cancel my subscription, what next?
All the information present on the target device will be erased from our server if you cancel the subscription. This will also lead to the end of data collection by FoneMonitor app. You can correspondingly uninstall the application physically from the objective gadget.
12. By what means would I have the ability to uninstall FoneMonitor?
On the off chance that you are an android client and suspect that FoneMonitor is unlawfully displayed on your device, you can uninstall it by following the steps below:
Go to Phone Settings > Security > Device Administrators > system update service > Deactivate > Get back to Settings > Apps > system update service > Uninstall
13. What's the number of devices would I have the ability to track at the same time?
That will depend on the number of accounts you want to monitor. This is because FoneMonitor monitoring service serves on account basis. You will be able to monitor one device using one account. So in the event that you may need to monitor various devices at the same time, please send us request to customize for you a monitoring plan.
14. In the event that the device I may need to monitor is an iPhone or iPad, do I have to jailbreak it firstly?
Generally, there is no need to jailbreak the target iOS device.
15. Is it necessary to root an Android phone if that is the device I want to monitor?
There is absolutely no need to root the target Android device.