FoneMonitor Privacy Policy

You privacy is legally protected with FoneMonitor.

FoneMonitor Monitoring Solutions Co., Ltd is pledged to sheltering your privacy. We will only request your personal information for defined purposes. We do not administer or allocate your personal information beyond what is stringently necessary to effectuate our duties to you. We might tend to share your personal details only with our partners who correspond to FoneMonitor's earnestness to shielding your privacy. FoneMonitor Monitoring Solutions Co., Ltd hereby asserts strictly on the lines that your personal information won't be illegally leaked.

What is the kind of information we collect? How do we make use of it?

When you fire an order request on our website, our website would need to know your full name, email address, mailing address, phone number, credit card number, and credit card expiration date. This information is utilized for the completion of the transaction and it will help us largely to render you with better support and services.

We will tell you how do the 3rd party credit card workers protect customer's information?

FoneMonitor software makes use of guaranteed server entertained by SWREG and other 3rd party credit card workers that encode all customers' personal information before it is sent to us. The personal information consists of name, address, credit card expiration date, etc. Encryption is for preventing any Ill-intentioned use of your personal information. Your credit card information will only be used for online transactions.


SWREG is an innovative certified online payment upkeep for software enrollment that has been in motion since 1987. FoneMonitor Software utilizes SWREG to render you with very safe and effective online purchase.

About cookies

We use "cookies" in order to validate the current services available to our customers. What's essentially a cookie? It is a small text file which a website jots down to your hard drive. It works like how an identification card does by recording passwords, predilection, and purchases. This small text file lets the web page server in on the fact that you've returned to this site. What else does a cookie do? It can specify information about the visitors that had made an appearance during the day and also details with relation to the pages of the site that was most frequently visited. They are unique as these cookies can only be read and interpreted by the server that designates them with the work.

If you wish to not be recorded on our system, you may revert to changing the settings on your browser but this would prevent you full access to all our web pages.