6 Best Free Location Tracking Apps for Android

Being a working parent, guarding your kid becomes quite a task, especially when they are left on their own. The chances of them falling prey to a bad company rises as they have the liberty to go anywhere. You can’t just install cameras everywhere to fetch their current location but what you can do to keep track of where they visit is by using the Android location tracking apps.

There is a good streak of free apps available online that are proven to be great for monitoring the activities of your family, kids or dear ones. Let’s now explore the top location tracking apps for Android.

Part 1. The Best Location Tracking App for Android You Should Know

FoneMonitor is an all exclusive app that can assist you to be a virtual shield for your kid. Moreover, FoneMonitor works smoothly over both Android/iOS operating systems. This app gives you the leverage to supervise his/her activities surfacing around their Android/iOS device. Through FoneMonitor, you can monitor almost all the major data types of the device such as call logs, message threads, social handles (WhatsApp,Facebook) and the browsed/visited websites or track down their current location. This Android location tracking app paves away the worries of a guardian by monitoring the happenings on their own Android device.

Key features of FoneMonitor:

  • FoneMonitor is an Android location tracking app that tracks the GPS location of the target device and fetches its regular updates.
  • With the Geofencing feature, you can clock into certain peripheries and constantly get updated,if they go beyond the territory you have assigned.
  • You can get the hands on the insights of several social networking sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype.
  • Be fully assured of NOT getting caught with FoneMonitor as you can easily hide this Android location tracking app in the remote device.
  • You can easily view the Contacts list, Logs to monitor the calls made and received. One can also listen to a full-fledged conversation of the incoming and outgoing calls.


Part 2. Top Android Apps to Track Location FREE

1. Mobile GPS Location Tracker

Mobile GPS Location Tracker is an Android location tracking app that serves to be a great solution for mapping down all the locations you have visited on its particular date. The interface is user-friendly and smoothly runs down on all the Operating Systems. Thus, giving you the accurate information of the all the sites. This Tracker also maintains the updated logs of the places that have been visited by the user.

Rating: 4.1 stars out of 5


  • With Mobile Location Tracker, get the precise details of location and its real-time navigation.
  • Allows you to navigate the Restaurants, ATMs, Hotels, Banks, Schools and Police station of the site you are looking for.
  • This Android location tracking app is compatible with all the types of maps, such as Normal, Satellite, Terrain.


  • A lot of adverts crops up in the interface of the app and slower the functioning of the phone.
  • Sometimes it fails to give the accurate detailing of the location.
  • The app fails to work efficiently in some countries.

android location tracking app

2. Family Locator - GPS Tracker

Family Locator, a yet another Android/iOS compatible app, serves as a one-stop solution for tracking the locations of your friends and dear ones by its unique feature of “circle”. This feature enables you to create your own group of friends, team-mates and dear ones to track their locations all at once. With this Android location tracking app, you can monitor your family locations in the private map that shows their current status of sites.

Rating: 4.4 stars out of 5


  • With this Android location tracking app, you and your circle member’s locations are shared over a private map.
  • This app gives you real-time updates of your family’s locations and destinations.
  • Ensures to assist you with a Driver Care Representative, if the user loses track of the location.


  • Unable to show the correct detailing of locations of the family members.
  • Driver detection does not show the exact driving time and ends up showing longer hours than usual.
  • There is a bug with this Android location tracking app as the GPS signals gets lost and it shuts off automatically and disrupts the accuracy.

android app to track iphone location

3. GPS Phone Tracker

GPSWOX’s GPS Phone Tracker is a user-friendly Android location tracking app that provides the accurate location by using GPS and AGPS mode. With this app, you can change the location accuracy settings and monitor the real-time tracking of the target device and fetch its exact address. The GPS Phone Tracker is useful for the business users as it has a Fleet Management tool.

Rating: 4.0 stars out of 5


  • Gives updated Geofencing Alerts of the monitored devices of family members and friends.
  • Alerts about the Vehicle’s Overspeed that may turn down to safety.
  • Recover your lost and stolen phone with this mighty tracking tool.


  • Complex Registration process leads to confusion in the minds of the users.
  • This Android location tracking app faces crashes that disrupts the smoothness of the process.
  • Unables to give the precise detailing of the location.

android app track phone location

4. Location Tracker

An all compatible Android/iOS location tracker, lets you track the locations on maps and monitor the sites (places) visited by your family members. With the Graphic based User Interface, one can easily use this app without any hassles of getting confused amidst the working. Location Tracker serves you with the date-wise location. With the use of this Android location tracking app, you can also set the time of intervals to record the sites and save them for later use.

Rating: 4.3 stars out of 5


  • Get a precise insight of the locations of your family and friends have visited.
  • You can view the sites you have been to in the Google Maps.
  • Helps track the locations by using Google Maps and Api and GPS.


  • Fails to give the accurate locations of the monitored devices.
  • The representative support is not that strengthened to assist its user with the customer care.
  • Unable to give the correct details of the locations sometimes.

android location tracking app

5. Find My Device

This app is exclusively developed by Google for locating your device, if it gets lost or stolen. Find My Device, is fully compatible with almost all Android versions and maintains your information safely. With this Android location tracking app, you can easily monitor the destinations visited. The GUI is simple and easy for a user to use.

Rating: 4.3 stars out of 5


  • Misplaced Devices can be easily found from this Android location tracking app.
  • User-friendly GUI, easy to use. Track the location/ sites without any hassle.
  • Using its Play a sound feature, you can remotely trigger the device to play a sound so that you can locate it if it is nearby.


  • Once your device is stolen, the thief may receive the pop up notification in the screen locker that the phone’s location has been found by you.
  • If the stolen device is formatted, it become impossible to track the device.

android app to track someone's location

Part 3: How to track GPS for Android using FoneMonitor

Step 1. Get a FoneMonitor Account

Visit the official page of FoneMonitor to sign-up for a FoneMonitor account and set a password that you would need in the future. You will receive the confirmation page with the download link (post completion of registration) to get this Android location tracking app.

Sign up on FoneMonitor

Step 2. Installing FoneMonitor in the aimed device

Once you are done with signing up for a FoneMonitor Account, you can now head on to the set-up process. You are required to fill in the essential details such as the Name, Age and the OS of the target device owner.

Complete Setup

Step 3. Get the App on the target Android phone

After getting the set-up done, get hold of the Android device you are looking to monitor, install the Android location tracking app on it and launch it. Login in with your registered FoneMonitor account and then grant all the necessary permission requests to proceed. Click to “Activate Device Administrator” and begin with monitoring using this Android location tracking app.

Click on “Start Monitoring” so that the app icon does not appear in the Android device and the owner does not gets any inkling of the app.

setup on Android

Step 4. Start off with tracking the Location

You are only a step away from tracking. Just sign in with the same credentials from your remote device or smartphone. Now, by using the Control Panel, you can opt to track down the location of the target device. Or, you can also choose what you want to monitor such as the call logs, message logs and maintain geofences.

start monitor the target phone

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