Top 10 Powerful Game Hack Apps for Android

Android is considered to be the best OS ever built for mobile devices, including Phones, Phablets, Tablets, etc. It supports thousands of apps like games, it seems to be more flexible compared to other mobile Operating Systems. Moreover, Android app store has lots of games, most of which are customizable to Android's core system. This makes it easy to hack into the memory of your favorite games and enjoy them, as long as you have the right tools. You need a reliable game hack apps for Android to successfully tweak the system memory of any Android games. But the process involved in finding the most effective one can be a daunting task, since most of them don't work, except for a few games. We've compiled a list of the top 10 powerful Android game hack apps that you can use to hack Android games in-app purchases, and get unlimited resources of Coins, Points, Gold, etc.

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#1: Freedom APK

We all know that Google Play implements In-App Purchase system to make transactions secure. However, some apps still have weakness in their In-App Purchase. Freedom APK exploits this gap, enabling you to make an In-App Purchase for free. It simply emulates purchases that don't require server authentication.

Note: You should always turn off Freedom app if it isn't in use. This is because, it can affect your Google PlayStore, and your account may be banned.

Supported Devices: Your Android phone or tablet must be rooted.


  • The game hack app for Android gives you full control over your Android games.
  • It can be used to delete excessive ads in apps.
  • Compatible with almost all Android devices.


  • Not all in-game items can be purchased using Freedom APK.


  • Freedom APK is completely free.

Freedom APK

#2: Creehack

If you are into hacking, then Creehack is a must have Android game hacking app. It lets you hack most online and offline games, and get unlimited Points, Coins, Golds, Scores, etc. The app can bypass all the limitations, letting you enjoy your favorite Android games for free. It's also a perfect choice for those who would like to bypass Editors Security for Android Apps and Games.

Supported Devices: Creehack supports both rooted and no-rooted devices.


  • Easy to install and use, even by those who aren't tech savvy.
  • Compatible with almost all Android apps.
  • The app supports almost all versions of Android devices.


  • Creehack lets you have all the resources, which can make your favorite games boring/ less challenging.


  • Creehack is free to download since it's an open source software.
  • Creehack

#3: Leo Playcard

Would you like to turn your Android phone or tablet into a hacking machine? Then you need to download and install Leo Playcard. This Android game hack app works perfectly for many Android apps, including pinball HD, Fool, etc. It features an inbuilt free play card, which you can use on Google Play Store to get game coins, many more lives, gems, etc, for free.

Supported Devices: Works on non-rooted and rooted devices.

  • Easy to use, meaning that everyone can hack Android games using the app.
  • It hacks unlimited Android apps and games for free.
  • Lets you bypass app payments with ease.
  • Leo Playcard doesn't hack online games and apps.
  • Free

Leo Playcard

#4: Game Guardian App

This amazing game hack/alteration tool allows you modify your Android games in no time. You can use it to increase money, Sp, HP and modify other aspects of your favorite game. Game Guardian lets you perform explicit and "fuzzy" numeric searches, search unknown values when specifying the difference between the values, modify all search results at once, etc.

Supported Devices: Game Guardian app requires root access.

  • The app comes with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use.
  • Lets you watch and enjoy your favorite movies on Android, iOS, and PC.
  • Supports multiple languages- over 90.
  • Game Guardian is a cheat software that lets you gain an edge considerably, making your favorite game boring/ less challenging.
  • Free

Game Guardian App

#5: Cheat Engine

This is one of the best game hack apps for Android available on the web. It can hack almost all games, letting you get unlimited Gold, Gems, Coins, Tokens, etc. Cheat Engine works in the same way as Sb Game Hacker, and can be used to customize the game features in no time, or make some changes, such as Weapons, Characters, Invisible Walls, etc.

Supported Devices: Works on rooted devices.

  • It's able to connect to local or remote processes via IP
  • Scans both read-only and paged memory.
  • Lets you choose the process, or application from a drop-down list.
  • The Android game hacker app features a Memory Viewer, which requires some RAM if zoomed out.
  • Cheat Engine is an Open Source App, available for free download.

Cheat Engine

#6: Xmodgames

Xmodgames lets you find and apply "mod" to your favorite Android video games. The app supports most of the popular games like Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans, Minecraft, Clash Royale Subway Surfers, etc. It comes with a complete list of video games that you can modify. You simply need to select the game to download the required patch, and then you'll be able to modify it with ease.

Supported Devices: Rooted Android devices.

  • The game hack app for Android comes with a user-friendly interface.
  • It improves gaming efficiency and makes it easy to surpass your opponents.
  • The regular updates provided by the developer ensure its compatibility to the latest versions of supported games.
  • Xmodgames lets users cheat, and fulfill gaming goals with ease, meaning that it is neither ethical nor fun, regardless of how you use it.
  • Free


#7: GameCIH

GameCIH is another top rated game hacker app for Android. This amazing software allows you to hack and modify both online and offline Android games. You can use it to get more coins, modify the attributes of your preferred characters in the game, alter your score, etc. Note that GameCIH works with most apps & games, except RPGs- role-playing games and MMOs- massively multiplayer online games.

Supported Devices: Requires root access.

  • GameCIH is easy to download, install and use.
  • The app lets you view & edit your apps shared preference with ease.
  • It allows you to modify different variables in a wide range of Android games.
  • GameCih isn't supported by Google Play Store, and can expose your device to developers and hackers.
  • Free


#8: SB Game Hacker

Online reviews show that SB Game Hacker is one of the most popular game hack apps available for free download. This software is perfect for modifying Android games. It works by helping users get more coins and lives, letting them defeat their opponents and achieve game goals. The Android game hacking app can also be used to bypass license restrictions and remove the annoying game ads.

Supported Devices: Works best on rooted devices.

  • Easy to install and use than most other alternatives.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Enables data filtering.
  • It doesn't hack apps on no-rooted Android devices properly.
  • Free

SB Game Hacker

#9: Game Killer

With over 10 million users from all over the world, Game Killer is definitely one of the must-have game hack apps for Android. It allows you to hack Coins, Gems, Jades, Upgrades, Weapons, Costumes and other Android game features. The app is designed to use a memory modifying technique, which makes it compatible with a variety of Android video games.

Supported Devices: Your phone or tablet must have root access.

  • Game Killer hacks a variety of offline Android games.
  • Helps you lock video games to the required levels.
  • Makes it easy to search for games with unclear directions.
  • The app isn't compatible with all Android models and may not work on your device.
  • Free

Game Killer

#10: Lucky Patcher

This is certainly the best Android game hacker app that isn't available on Google Play Store, and the most effective game hack tool for Android. It gives you full control over the permissions you give to your favorite apps and games. Once you launch Lucky Patcher, it analyzes the installed apps on your Android device and indicates the actions you can carry out; remove license verification, delete excessive ads, change permissions, create backups, unlock paid apps, etc. Overall, Lucky Patcher is perfect for hacking offline Android games and their in-app purchases.

Supported Devices: Works on rooted Android phones and tablets.

  • The app comes with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use.
  • It lets you modify the memory of Android apps in no time.
  • The app is 100% virus free and won't harm your device.
  • You need to root your device in order to enjoy everything that Lucky Patcher has to offer.
  • Free

Lucky Patcher

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