Best Instagram Followers Hacking Apps for Android

Building a following on Instagram can be hard work. Trying to compete with much more established accounts in your niche can feel like an uphill struggle, with little opportunity to gain ground on the best.

Finding an app which can hack your Instagram following, to give you more engagement fast, is a pretty attractive prospect. We’ve done the hard work for you and have put together a list of some of the best Instagram followers hack apps for Android devices, which can help you do just that.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using an Instagram Followers Hacking App

When it comes to gaining Instagram followers, doing it the ‘old fashioned way’ can be hard work. Researching hashtags, following others, connecting directly with influencers… it’s all pretty time consuming and can take a while for the numbers to build up.

An Instagram followers hack app for Android can add hundreds if not thousands of followers in an instant. This saves a whole lot of time in terms of managing your Instagram account, and quickly makes you appear like a trusted and popular brand.

However, with every short cut there comes disadvantages too. Thousands of followers who are not actively engaged with your brand won’t interact in the way you need them to. The idea of building a following on Instagram, or on any other social network, is to engage with new people, to grow your audience naturally. By hacking your followers, you won’t necessarily find new potential customers; just dormant accounts which do nothing for your business except add numbers.

The ideal Instagram followers hack app for Android will not only help you add followers, it will also help you add engaged followers; people who are truly interested in your brand.

Top 6 Instagram Followers Hack Apps for Android

We’ve taken a look at all the apps which offer more followers for your Instagram, and have picked the top six to share with you:

1. Fame Boom

One of the most popular Android hack apps for Instagram followers, Fame Boom works by helping you find the best hashtags for your post to generate more genuine likes. There are also functions to add more followers as well as to buy comments on your posts, but you’ll need coins for this. The download is free, and you can gain coins from in app actions, but there are also purchases which can be expensive.

instagram followers hack android

2. Fast Followers Boost

Fast Followers Boost is an Instagram follower hack app for Android phones and tablets which will add real, active users to your following. It’s easy to use, produces results fast and works to build genuine followers by making your posts more discoverable. The download is free, but there are in app purchases to watch out for.

instagram followers hack android app

3. Turbo Like for Instagram

Turbo Like is a fantastic social marketing app for Instagram which focusses on getting likes via engaging with genuine, active users. In order to use the app, you need to build up coins from liking other images and accounts. These coins can then be spent to get likes from other users. Alternatively, you can purchase coins through the app to shortcut this process.

hack followers instagram android

4. Royal likes for Instagram

Royal Likes for Instagram made it onto our list as a great Android app, as it goes one step further towards managing your likes and followers. In real time, you’ll be able to see who has unfollowed, who hasn’t liked your posts for a while as well as who is a new follower for you. This will help you engage more intimately with your audience, making it a great choice if you love that personalised service.

instagram followers hack android apk

5. Real Followers Pro +

Real Followers is a great app which works by optimising the hashtags on your profile to increase your visibility across the platform. On the upside, there are no ads and you don’t need to make in app purchases to make it work. So far, it’s had less than 63,000 downloads, but the majority of users have rated it a five out of five, which is a pretty good sign.

instagram followers hack android app

6. Follow with you

This app is works on a coin-based system, similar to many others. It allows you to gain and spend coins for follows as well as likes, and although it does take time, it provides real people to your account, not bots. It’s free, but with in app purchases. Users have commented that new followers sometimes unfollow rapidly, so it might be worth using it alongside a follower management app.

instagram followers hack android app

Finding a great Instagram followers hack for Android can be tough and can involve a bit of trial and error before you find something that really works for you. The important thing to remember is that none of these apps will add followers that you can keep if you don’t work on your Insta account daily. Keep posting great images, working on high profile hashtags and keep interacting with your followers if you want to gain more and keep them too.

How to Hack Instagram Account?

For getting more of an insight into someone else’s Instagram account, nothing comes close to the capability of FoneMonitor. This app an allow you hack an Instagram password, as well as to spy on activities, messages and to see how the account is being used.

That’s not all it can do either. Some of the top features of FoneMonitor include:

  • Tracking the device by GPS, so you always know where that user is Viewing SMS messages as well as the contacts list on the target device
  • Checking the call history, both of incoming and outgoing calls
  • View photographs and videos recorded by the device; download them to your own system
  • Check any bookmarks saved in the browser, as well as the history of that browser activity
  • See activity on Instagram and other popular social apps, including Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp and more
  • Take screenshots directly from the device
  • Record keystrokes to crack passwords or monitor messages typed


Which Instagram followers hack app for Android have you tried, and how did it work for you? We’d love to hear if you found any others that you think we should add to our list!

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