How to Hack an Android Tablet with or without Root

Are you doubtful of your spouse's activities? Is he unknowingly parting ways from you? If that is the case, then its high time you get assured of his motives. One of the best solutions for clearing your doubts is by hacking down the Android tablet/device of your partner. Now you must be wondering that you would have to get the device rooted. Well, this is not in the case. As, we are here to enlighten you how you can hack an Android table without facing the troubles of getting the device rooted.

The Best Way to Hack an Android Tablet Remotely

To fully hack down all the data components of the monitored device, use FoneMonitor - the best monitoring tool. With this monitoring tool, you can get the assured glance of the activities surfacing on the target device and its information. FoneMonitor allows you to control around 39 types of data variants such as messages, call logs, calendars, memos, documents, media files etc. Following is a bucket of features useful in swiftly hacking down an Android tablet.

Why Recommed This Android Tablet Hacker App:

  • Track employees to know whether they are legitimately working or slogging with their phone
  • Allows you to GPS track the target device and fetches minutest details of the locations been in use.
  • Record the passwords/pin/pattern of the monitored device with the Keylopgger feature.
  • Handle Geofence and get regular alerts when the monitored device goes beyond the set periphery.
  • Get 24*7 technical assistance for resolving any queries or issues concerning with FoneMonitor.


[Tutorial] Easy Steps to Hack Android Tablet

The following comprehensive guide that will acquaint you with how to hack an Android tablet.

Step 1. Create FoneMonitor Account

First of all, visit to create a registered account. Drop in your essential details such as Name and email in the sign up page, wisely. The given mail address will fetch user the confirmation page for successfully registering at FoneMoniotor.

Sign up on FoneMonitor

Step 2. Complete Setup Process

After signing up, you can proceed with the step of setting up the account of the target device. For that, fill in the details of the owner of the target device with his/her name, age and the operating system they are currently using.

Complete Setup

Step 3. Starting with Target Device

Quickly grab the target phone and force the installation of FoneMonitor. Launch the application and sign in with your FoneMonitor credentials. Grant necessary permissions by clicking on "Grant" and "Allow" button. Then, tap on "Start Monitoring" tab to hack the Android tablet without the hassles of rooting the device. This way, the app will smoothly work on the target device.

Note: Ensure "Unknown Sources" feature is enabled on the target device before installing the FoneMonitor application.

setup on Android

Step 4. Start Monitoring Android Device

Now, get hold of the remote device to initiate tracking down the activities of the target device, i.e. Android tablet. Head off to signing in with your credentials and go to the control panel. From there on, you can get the insight of several data types you desire to hack on an Android tablet.

hack android tablet

What Data Can You Hack from the Target Android Tablet with FoneMonitor

This section is dedicated to give you the brief detailing of the several data types you can hack on an Android tablet you are trying to monitor on.

1) Social Media App

The Facebook, Instagram profile speaks a lot about the person and getting an insight of them will reveal an unspoken side of the mere person. FoneMonitor lets you gain a crystal clear insight of the social media application like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder(if installed) on the device. So, if you are suspicious about your spouse minting plans with other people, then you can monitor the chat history and the profiles being handled by your partner.

hack Android social media app

2) Location

The second most essential way of deriving the whereabouts of your partner is by getting to know the location they have travelled. With FoneMonitor, get the acute detailing of their current location at your device. You can monitor where they are and trace the locations they have visited. Also, you can set Geofence and get updated if they go beyond the territory you assign.

track Android phone location

3) Photo and Video

The pictures and videos is a symbol of the memory captured. And through FoneMonitor, you can peep on the saved pictures, camera roll and the images shared by your partner to other people. Also, one can even view an array of videos saved on your spouse device. FoneMonitor also allows the user to view the media files saved on the external storage too.

spy on photo and video in Android phone

4) Browser History

Are you curious about what your partner views over internet? FoneMonitor allows users to hack an Android tablet and keep a check on the browser's history of the target device of your spouse. You can ensure to keep a record of the websites they visit and keep lurking at.

monitor someones browser history

5) Documents

Documents hold the essential detailing of the files that can unlock hints that may prove to be useful. And for tracing the record of files, you can make use of FoneMonitor. As, it allows users to look into the files saved in the target device.

hack documents

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