How to Remotely Hack an Android Phone from a Computer

When you are feeling ditched by your spouse or you are suspicious about your child’s activity or older parents’ safety. You can always rely on hacking their Android phone from your computer or mobile device to ensure they are safe. Nobody wants being watched round the clock but there are advanced tracking software available, which secretly monitor their online activities without making them cringe with fear or get upset.

If you are clueless about how to hack an Android phone from a computer? We are here to help you.

Part 1. How to Hack Someone's Android Phone from A Computer Using FoneMonitor

With an ultimate tool like FoneMonitor you don't need to stress yourself about how to hack an Android phone from a computer. It can not only track the device location, but hacks the device data as well. You can completely monitor the target Android device with it. 39+ types of data including GPS, messages, texts, apps, and calls on the target iOS or Android device. The most interesting thing about this tool is, the target device owner won't get a whiff about of this app on their phone and their location or activities online being watched. Once you activate the tracking mode, the app icon from the target device vanishes.

Why Choose This Android Phone Hacker:

  • You can access this tool on your Mac, Windows PC or Android/iOS device seamlessly to track any mobile.
  • It supports almost 6000 mobile device models across leading manufacturers like Apple, Sony, Samsung, HTC etc.
  • You can not only track the target device's online activities but set geofences for them. As a result, when the people move out of the place you get alerted.
  • You do not need to jailbreak or root the target device to use this software.

Android phone hacker

Easy Steps to Hack Her/His Android Phone from Your Own Computer

Here comes the guide for how to hack an Android phone from a computer.

Step 1: Get An Account on FoneMonitor

First and foremost, browse to FoneMonitor's official website and then tap "Sign Up". Use your email ID to create FoneMonitor account. Note down the user ID and password after that.

Sign up on FoneMonitor

Step 2: Complete the Setup Process

Now, login with the FoneMonitor credentials you have just created and then enter the target device information, such as phone owner name, age, and the OS. Now, tap on the "Android" icon and hit "Next".

Complete Setup

Step 3: Get the App Installed on Target Android Phone

Get your target Android device and then go to "Settings" and enable "Unknown Sources" before installing FoneMonitor on it. Browse the and download the APK file on your Android phone. Launch and login to FoneMonitor account in Phone. Allow the app to access the target device and hit "Start Monitoring". The app icon will vanish from the target device.

setup on Android

Step 4: Initiate Monitoring Activities on Your Computer

Now, login to your FoneMonitor account from a Mac/Windows/iOS/Android device and then click on the Android device name on the dashboard. You can remotely hack or monitor everything on the target Android device with FoneMonitor now.

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Part 2. Hack An Android Phone from A Computer Using Google Map

After learning the best method to hack an Android phone from a computer, you can try Google map as well. But, the major difference here is it can only access the target device location. Unlike phone monitor which offers complete solution in hacking an Android device on computer. You can track the location of the target device if the GPS service is turned on. Past or current travel route can also be viewed using Google map. Live location tracking can be done as well. It is essential to have a stable internet connection to monitor the location on Google map for the Android device being monitored. You need to link your Android with a Google account, location reporting and location history and GPS needs to be enabled.

Here is the guide to use Google map to track the location of the target Android phone.

Step 1. First of all, go to "Settings" and turn on "Location Services" on the target Android device.

setting on Android phone

Step 2. Launch "Google Maps" and then hit the "Menu" icon found on the top-left side of the screen.

menu of google maps

Step 3. You can see a popup enquiring about "Share your real-time location". Choose "For 1 hour" or "Until you turn this off" and then press "Select People". These are the contacts that will get notified about the location of the target device. Select your name in this list.

Step 4. In case your Google account is not linked you can select your number and share the link using "Share via link" message on the popup. It will be shared through a text message.

track Android from computer

Step 5. Now, from your phone you can easily track the location of the target device without any issue.

Final Verdict

Here we have noticed that when you want to hack an Android phone from a computer, nothing can beat FoneMonitor. The software not only tracks location like Google Maps, it also monitors the overall activity of your target device remotely. For Google Maps, you need to allow location sharing service to get the device location tracked, which can't be done secretly. But, FoneMonitor erases the app icon and the user has no clue about it.

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