The Best 4 Ways for Gmail Password Hack

Google's email service, Gmail is fairly simple to use unless you forget your account password. If you can't reset the password, the only way left is to hack the account. You can use the various Gmail password hack to retrieve the password if possible or reset it if recovery is not possible. Hacking Gmail password is a very convenient method to recover your account but it is illegal to hack someone's account without their authorization. But parents can hack their kids Gmail to keep an eye on their activities and instill better moral sentiments.

Part 1. How to Hack Gmail Password Using Browser's Password Manager

You may not know this, but browsers like Chrome and Firefox allow saving password of different account including Gmail. You can use this Gmail password hack to retrieve your password without needing to reset your account. This is possible as every browser like Chrome has a password manager that keeps track of all account passwords when the user enters it to log in. But this method will only work if you had enabled password saving on the browser. Here we will show you the method to hack Gmail password using browser’s password manager.

Step by Step Guide to Hack Gmail Password

Step 1: Launch the web browser on the target computer and then open the password manager.

• In Firefox, click the Menu button and then "Options". Then open the security tab and click on "Saved Passwords".
• In chrome, Click the menu button and then select "Settings". Then in settings, click on "Show Advanced settings" and click on "Manage Passwords" under the "Passwords and forms" section.
• In Safari, open the Safari menu and select "Preferences" and finally click the "Passwords" tab.

gmail password hack

Step 2: Search for the Google account and look for the "" to locate the Gmail account.

gmail password hack

Step 3: Then click on the "Show" button or "Show password" button according to the browser to see the password.

gmail password hack

Part 2. How to Hack Gmail Password Using Cookies

It is also possible to hack someone's Gmail password by hacking cookies that are being sent to their computer over the network. Once you get your hands on the cookie file of someone, Gmail password hack is child's play. The only catch is that you must be connected to the same network as the target like a public Wi-Fi. To steal someone's cookies, you would need a packet sniffer program like Wireshark along with some other essential components.

Easy Steps for Gmail Password Hack Using Cookies

Step 1: Download Wireshark for Windows, Linux or Mac and install it on your PC.

hack gmail password

Step 2: Also install TShark and WinPcap components that are essential for grabbing cookies transferred over a network.

Step 3: download the Java Cookie Cadger that finds and intercepts cookies being sent over the network.

Step 4: Now, you need to connect to the same wireless network as your target.

hack gmail password

Step 5: Then, launch the Wireshark and Cookie Cadger and select the network you are connected to see the cookies transferred to it.

Step 6: Find the cookies of the Gmail or Google account and click "Replay this Request" to load the cookie into your device's browser.

hack gmail password

Part 3. How to Hack Gmail Password Using Gmail Pass Breaker

Gmail Pass breaker is a Gmail password hack that allows you to hack the Gmail account if you forget its password. Moreover, it can also be used to retrieve your account if it has been hacked by a hacker. Gmail Pass breaker can decrypt password with any type of encryption.

Steps to Hack Gmail Password with Pass Breaker

Step 1: Download the Pass Breaker from the by clicking on the "Get Access Now" button.

Step 2: Install and launch the Gmail Password Hack.

Step 3: Now, you have to enter the Gmail account whose password you want to hack and Click “OK” to start the hacking process.

how to hack gmail password

Step 4: The Pass Breaker will start the decryption process and retrieves the password of the entered account, which you can use to login to the account and change its password.

Part 4. How to Hack Gmail Password Using Phishing

The other most used Gmail password hack is Phishing. It is a technique of duplicating a website and then fooling the people into entering their account information like username and password. The hacker will get the username and password of the user and he/she won't even notice if anything is wrong with their account. Phishing has very high success rate than other Gmail hacks as most people don’t pay attention to the domain name of the website. So, hackers create a duplicate website with the same layout as the original and fools users to reveal their information.

Easy Steps for Gmail Password Hack Using Phishing

Step 1: Create a fake webpage by downloading the Gmail Phishing page files.

Step 2: Create a new hosting account by going to 000webhost. It is free to use the 000webhost to create and host a subdomain.

Step 3: Visit your Control Panel and then click "Add New Site" after logging in to your web host. Enter a website name.

gmail password hack

Step 4: Then, click on "Upload own website" and select the files of the phishing website in the file manager.

phishing gmail password hack

Step 5: After the website is created, the entered email and passwords will be redirected to you when the user tries to log in to their email.

Part 5. How to Protect Gmail Password from Being Hacked

Hacking Gmail password becomes necessary when you forget your account password and can't access it. But what if your account is hacked by someone else using the same above methods? The will be able to gain access to all your account and personal information. Your data and contacts will be exposed to be misused by some unknown person. Though Google has implemented tight security details for protecting the users of Gmail, it is still fairly easy for hackers to exploit some vulnerabilities on the user’s part and hack into their Gmail account.

It is not funny when your Gmail password is hacked and a lot of trouble if you want to retrieve it. So, it is better to prevent your account from getting hacked in the first place keeping in mind the following tips.

Be Aware of Phishing

Hackers use phishing to hack people's account by sending them messages containing a link to a website on social networks, emails, and SMS. Opening this link will take you to a login page and if you enter your email and password there, it will be sent to the hacker. So, to prevent yourself from this Gmail password hack, it is better to stay alert and don't open any links sent by someone. Moreover, pay attention to the domain name of the website as the phishing website will always have a different domain or subdomain than the official Gmail login.

avoid gmail password hack

Don't Use a Weak Password

Birthday, mobile number, nickname, pet name or a friends or family's name are the most common passwords that people use for their accounts. But these passwords can be easily cracked if the hacker has even the slightest bit of knowledge about you. They could get this information from your social media profile and hack your account. Never use these for your Gmail or another account password.

avoid gmail password hack

Password Grabbing

Most people are likely to use their Gmail account password on various websites. If the other website has a security vulnerability that hackers can exploit, then your account will be at risk of being hacked. Don't use your Gmail password for signing up for other websites.

avoid gmail password hack

Use On-screen Keyboard on Public Computers

Who knows whether a public computer has been installed with a Keylogger tool that keeps track of the keystrokes typed by the user on the keyboard? So, whenever you sign in to your account on a public computer, always use the On-screen keyboard to prevent your username and password being exposed to someone.

avoid gmail password hack

Browser Extensions

Browser extensions can also be made to record and send your account password and username to the hacker. Don't install any third party browser extension from an unknown publisher.

prevent gmail password being hacked

Enable Two-step Verification

In two-step verification, a code is sent to your mobile every time you try to log in to your account. So, if you have enabled two-step verification, it is not possible to log in to Gmail without the verification code. The hacker would need to get access to your mobile to retrieve the verification code and then hack your account.

avoid gmail password hack

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