Ultimate Solution for Facetime on Android Hack

An Android user must have had a question for using Facetime on Android? This must have been the minds of Android users for possibly having a way with the FaceTime on Android hack. Well, hold your hearts, as Face Time is a pre-installed video calling application, styled solely for the Apple devices. So, the Apple users may take a great advantage of this video calling app over the Android users. But, so what if Facetime can't be used on Android, there are several other considerable options that one can ponder over. Stay tuned, as you can make the most of this article. We will be giving you a detailed study of the alternative applications that can knit the Android and iOS users together.

Alternative Ways to Make Video Call Between Android and iPhone

Following alternative ways are reliable for making video calls between Android and iPhone phones to derive the use of FaceTime experience on Android.

1. Google Duo

The powerhouse of Google launched Google Duo back in 2016 and has garnered a great position in the market. One of the most renowned video calling application allowing users to make video calls between Android and iOS backed devices. Duo gives a rich and crystal clear video calling experience and is rated as one of the best video calling app. You can get this application on the Google Play Store and easily install it on your Android device. After completing the set-up process, you can tap on the video call icon and choose the contact with the one you want to make the video call.

Google Duo

2. Skype

Found in 2003, Skype is one of the oldest of the video calling application that caters the need of connecting the people over a video call. It is used mostly used in making the official conferences overseas and connects people from any part of the world. Also, this application can be easily used over laptops, tablets and supports all the versions of Apple devices. This application is easily available almost everywhere. But, if you are an Android user, then download Skype from Google Play Store and run it over your Android device. To use Skype, Sign up/Sign in and you will be directed to the main interface that will be a look-alike to any chatting applications like WhatsApp. To make a video call, tap on the contact and press on the video calling icon. Within moments, the video call will be directed with the concerned person.


3. Viber

Rakuten's Viber is one of the trusted instant messaging cum voice calling service that is used by many of the users. It is a renowned firmware used for a variety of platforms like Microsoft, Linux, Android or iOS systems etc. It is known as one of the most widely used applications having a good base of users. With Viber you can chat with the person, make calls and do video calling effortlessly. Rakuten's Viber is one of the prominent calling app. To get this App on your Android device, visit Google store and download it on your phone. Do the needful sign-ups and create your account. Its interface will be quite similar to a chat window of most of the messaging apps. You can simply click on the chat box followed by the video call. The better your internet connectivity, the clearer, you would get the range of sound and video quality.


4. IMO

The other option user could resort to is by using IMO. A free application that allows to do chat, make calls and resort to have video calls with their loved ones. With IMO, you can send messages, images without having to do with any prescribed limit. IMO's simple and easy to work with interface, makes it a considerable alternative to FaceTime. The best part about this application is that is secured with the layers of firewalls and encrypted algorithms which makes it safe for the users to work with. Try IMO on your Android device by downloading it on your phone. Load the application, sign-in with your credentials and you are all set to make calls worldwide. Make video calls or chat with IMO.


5. WeChat

Tencent's WeChat is a special kind of messaging app fused to work as a payments application and is also featured in Forbes as one of the most powerful applications. Thus, it is a great application where a user can also resort to make payments. WeChat supports several domains of systems including system, Android iOS etc. So, an Android user can easily make calls to the iOS devices with ease. The WeChat application is easily available over internet. You just need to install it and load it over your phone and click on the video camera icon to make a call.


Best Android and iPhone Hacking App in 2018

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