Best 10 Hacking Apps for Rooted Android Phone

Some people possess the curiosity to hack down the data components available on other devices. They employ these potentially challenging hacking skills for a fun of it or to monitor any desired phone. And, if the Android phone is rooted, it becomes a great soft target for them. So, if you too are looking for a little jibber-jabber, then transform your phone into a full-time Hacking Machine by making use of these hacking apps designed for the target rooted Android Phone. In this article, we have collected the 10 most useful apps for hacking.

Part 1. 10 Hacking Apps for Rooted Android Device

If you are sure that the device you spy is rooted then you enjoy the leverage of a wide range of applications or in-app purchases installed on those devices. Here is the bucket of some of the useful hacking apps for Rooted Android devices.

1. Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is a featured in the APK version, which an Android user can consider as one of the hacking applications for the Rooted Android devices. With this application, exercise control to several app’s and in-app purchases surfacing in the monitored device. The hacker can also chart analysis of the applications by detailing you with the actions you can perform such as removing license verification, create backups, and unlock the paid apps.

Lucky Patcher

2. Freedom

Do you love to level up your games? But toils more to earn the coins? Then, consider using Freedom APK, a considerable hacking application, useful for Rooted Android devices. One can easily access the in-app purchases and get free of cost jewels, coins, gems, level ups etc to enhance your account without spending a bit of cost.


3. Game Killer

The Gaming enthusiasts can make use of, Game Killer, a game hacking app for Rooted Android phone with a good base of universal users. Through this application, a user can bypass video games and hack down the essential tools of games, for instance weapons, coins, upgrades, costumes etc. Also, a user can lock a variety of videos games without putting any extra effort.

Game Killer

4. GameCIH

The game lovers can also benefit from GameCIH Android Application for modifying and hacking the offline Android games. A user can exercise the power of editing, viewing the shared preferences of the monitored applications. GameCIH facilitates the users in advancing their gaming level by gathering more coins, altering the scores earned in the game. However, this application does not support role-playing-the games and multiplayer online games. Also, it's not on Google Play Store.


5. Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is one the hacking app for hacking down most of the Android games on the Rooted Android device. For working on this app, you just need to draw connection with it remotely or by the medium of IP. One can fetch a variety of gems, coins, gold, token etc. Also, if you wish to modify the features of the game then you can by modifying the characters, weapons, invisible walls etc. This application also facilitate in scanning paged and read only memory.

Cheat Engine

6. FaceNiff

Are you looking to hijack web session's profiles over wifi, then make use of FaceNiff, an android hacking app for rooted android phone. Through this app, you can hack down the sessions that are stalled on the same line of Wifi. However, FaceNiff works effectively over any range of private networks like Open, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK. Also, the monitored device shouldn't be using any SSL, otherwise this application may fail to work.


7. Nmap

It is one of the most popular apk that works on hacking down the devices connected to the same Wifi. By using this open source software, one can scan and recognize hosts on a network, the OS they are working in and fetch complete detailing of the network services running on the host side. One can also hack down the DNS queries and search for the subdomain search.


8. WiFi Kill

Wifi Kill is a considerable hacking open source Android software that can efficiently work in the rooted Android phone. Designed by the Kali Linux NetHunter, it supports the activity like Man in the Middle Attacks, 1-click Mana Evil Access Point Setups, the frame injection etc.

WiFi Kill

9. Droid Box

Droid Box is one of the popular hacking app for rooted Android phone, through which a user can list the broadcasting severs, re-hash the analyzed package, list the broadcasting servers etc. The user can also gain access to the leaked information via network, file and SMS etc.

Droid Box

10. c-Spoilt

c-Spoilt is one of the well-crafted hacking software that allows the user to hijack the for fetching the unencrypted cookies and clone them to make web sessions. The users can also perform the Man in the Middle attacks (MITM) like replacing your own content on the image, text, video replacement and aids in breaking the connection existing on the monitored devices.


Part 2. A Better Way to Hack Unrooted & Rooted Android Phone

Are you looking for a more secured and reliable solution for hacking the rooted Android application, then get FoneMonitor now! Powerful software designed for the Android (Rooted & Unrooted Android phone both supported) / iOS devices, which serves as an ultimate path for entry-level hackers to access up to 39+ data types such as messages, calls, WhatsApp or media files etc on the monitored device. So, even if you have an iOS device, you still can knit a spying aura on the unrooted and rooted Android device. Following features highlight the application's amazing feature.

Why Choose This Unrooted & Rooted Android Hacker App:

  • Track down GPS location of the monitored device with FoneMonitor.
  • Maintain geofence of the concerned device and receive updates, when the device transgresses the boundaries.
  • FoneMonitor lets you monitor 39+ data types inclusive of social handles like Instagram, WhatsApp to the essential data variants like message box, call logs, documents, media files etc.
  • Corporations can use this hacking app for the rooted android phone for tracking down the activity of employees to check whether they are dedicated to their work or not.
  • Assist the users with any range of queries and issues by contacting the 24*7 technical assistance.

hacking app for the rooted android phone

Step by Step to Hack Non-rooted and Rooted Android Phone Easily

This section is dedicated to give a comprehensive guide for hacking the Rooted Android device in just four easy steps! Read on.

Step 1. Sign up to Obtain FoneMonitor Account

Visit FoneMonitor official website and sign up for a FoneMonitor account. The sign-up page requires you to enter the basic information such as your email ID and password wisely. Cause the aforementioned email will be where you're going to receive the confirmation page link for your FoneMonitor account.

Sign up on FoneMonitor

Step 2. Setting up the FoneMonitor in Target Android Device

After obtaining the official account, proceed to setting-up the account by entering the essential details like "name", "age" and the "OS" of the target device owner. Now, grab the target Android phone and install FoneMonitor app on it. Allow the necessary permissions by pressing the "Activate Device Administrator" followed by tapping on "Start Monitoring".

setup on Android

Step 3. Start Hacking Android Device

Once the application is installed in the device, you can now proceed with monitoring any range of data types. All you need to do is get to the remote device, login with your FoneMonitor credentials and head off to the Control panel from where you can choose to monitor any data type like audios, documents, media files etc. Also, if you wish to get the regular updates of the locations, then you would have to maintain the Geo-fencing feature.

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