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As the most widely used mobile platform on Earth, Android is also a top class target for attacks. With 1.4 billion users already reliant on Google's technology for both personal and business purposes, hackers put bucketloads of effort into cracking the system to infiltrate, infect and steal from those users.

According to research, almost half of all Android users are at risk of a malicious hack. This could be because they have done something silly like downloading from an unknown source, or simply because they've failed to install a suitable anti hacking software for Android. One of the biggest issues is that some devices are no longer updated with the latest security patches, so are immediately left vulnerable. We've taken a look at what the problem with having a phone hacked is, and what you can do about it, as well as some of the symptoms of a hacked Android. Here's what we found out.

Part 1. Why Should You Be Worried About Your Android Phone Being Hacked?

This is a pretty obvious question when you think about it. What do you use your Android for? Perhaps you spend some time playing games, but what else do you do? Is your banking information stored on it? Or your passwords?

The truth is we all use our Androids for much more than just entertainment. Smartphones and tablets are our keys to the world, and we make great use of their functions to save time on everything. Chances are, a hacker could gain access to a whole lot more than we would like them to, so it makes sense to protect ourselves in any way possible.

Part 2. Top 5 Most Useful Anti Hacking Apps for Android Phones

We're going to take a look at some of the most practical, functional and simple apps which can protect your Android phone or tablet from unwanted intrusion.

1. LogDog

LogDog dubs itself an intelligent technology which looks out for hackers using your exploited credentials. Alerts of suspicious activity are sent to Gmail, Facebook or other online accounts, protecting private information from hackers and online fraud. More than 750,000 Android users already use LogDog for online protection.


2. Hackuna

Hackuna has been developed by Cryptors Cybersecurity to protect users from a variety of threats. The app protects against threats from public Wi-Fi as well as apps which could access camera, SMS and other content from your phone. It blocks the hacker, stops permissive access which could be harmful to your device and seeks out hidden spy apps on your phone.


3. AppLock

We all love our apps, but they can also be dangerous. Providing covert access to hackers via a seemingly innocuous app could give them freedom to wade through passwords, contacts, SMS messages and even to access our camera. AppLock shuts down all sensitive apps, stopping anyone from getting into them and gaining access to things we don’t want them to see.


4. Lookout

Lookout security and anti-virus for Android is a tiny app with huge amounts of power. This nifty little install gives you full protection against viruses, Trojans and bugs which could enter your device from Bluetooth, online or Wi-Fi connections. Your data can be easily protected as well as backed up to the cloud, and it even features a lost phone function to keep a track on where your device is.


5. dfndr security

Both anti hack and anti virus, this is a good all in one choice for protecting your device in the modern world. As well as scanning your device for dangerous viruses and apps, it provides real time anti hacking features and even a memory boosting function to keep your phone running smoothly. With 5.5m installations and an average rating of 4.5 on the Play store, it's a solid choice for all round protection.

dfndr security

There are numerous other apps out there which claim to be capable of preventing your Android device from being hacked, but in our experience, these five are the best.

Have You Been Hacked?

Have you noticed a change in the way your Android phone behaves? Are you concerned that you might have been hacked? Here are some of the most common ways Androids show signs of being hacked, which could throw up a red flag for you.

• Your data usage has increased:

If you know how much data you usually use, and that amount has suddenly jumped up, you could be a victim of a hack. Hackers can place small programmes on your device which feed information back to them, but all this communication takes data. If you notice a spike in your mobile data use but you haven’t changed the way you use your phone, take a closer look.

• Your battery drains much faster than usual:

If your phone is infected with malware, it could be running a malicious programme in the background. This will often make your device hot and laggy and will drain your battery much faster than usual. Old batteries can also fail to hold charge as long as they used to, but if your phone is relatively new and you're suffering lag and overheating too, you should probably start to worry.

• Apps installing themselves:

This is the weirdest one of all… you swipe through your installed apps and see something completely unrecognisable installed on your phone. If nobody else has used your device and random apps are installing themselves, chances are you're a victim of a hack.

• Background noise on voice calls:

If you hear echoes, buzzing or fuzziness on your voice calls, it could simply be that you're in an area of poor reception. However, if you're at a place you know usually supports flawless call quality and suddenly you're getting a lot of interference, there could be a problem. Hackers listening in, or recording your call, create additional capacity on the line, causing reverberation or interference on otherwise clear calls.

Write in the End

If you're concerned that you've already been hacked, make sure you check in on all your online business. Change passwords on banking, emails and other logins (not using your Android of course) and get some of these top Android anti hacking apps installed as fast as you can!

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