The Best 20 Free Parental Control Software for your PC, Mac, iPhone and Android

I am sure you must have heard about Blue Whale Challenge. As People say "Prevention is better than Cure", so let's use that and let's use parental control software which can help our kids to not be in a contact of applications which can harm them now and also in future. The parental control market is growing at a rapid speed as more and more kids are given Phones, tablets etc. Parental control software will help you to restrict transgressions and encourage responsible use of devices. Parental Monitoring software works like a content filtering application. It keeps a limit on usage of time that is the usage of controls and much more on your kids activity on the Internet.The parental monitoring software also Manages the do's and don’ts of a child's access to websites and video games.

Part 1. The Best 10 Free Parental Control Software for iPhone and Android

#1: mSpy for Phone (Android & iPhone)

As the name suggests mSpy, it is actually giving you the qualities to be a spy and keep an eye on your kids activities. It actually acts like a tracker. mSpy is Ranked as No. 1 amongst the iPhone Parental Monitoring apps. mSpy works in a similar way as the tagline says – know, prevent, protect. This application consists of more than twenty five features. It has the standard features like monitoring your kids activities.It also helps you to track the data of contacts, text messages, call logs of your kids. mSpy is the best application that can monitor children's online activities and keeping the children safe.

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  • User-friendly application.
  • Easily Accessible from any platform.
  • Support options are a bit expensive.
  • Some features ex. iCloud backup, Keylogger need to be set up and care must be taken.
  • No free trial is available.


#2: FoneMonitor (Android & iPhone)

FoneMonitor will help your kids to protect them from various websites which might have a negative impact. FoneMonitor is considered to be a surveillance app which works with the iCloud ID on the monitored device. FoneMonitor helps you to monitor your kids activities without adding any extra app on the kid's iPhone. The best part of FoneMonitor is that it's easy to setup/install. There is a live demo available after the installation of the app to navigate through the app and its use.

  • Free Version is available.
  • Data monitoring is possible from multiple platforms.
  • 29+ features available.


#3: Norton Family Premier (Android & iPhone)

Norton's parental-observing administration offers great content filtering job, supportive area following elements and educational reports about what your kids are up to on their cell phones. You won't have the capacity to block particular guests and texters with this particular Parental Control Programming. Additionally, the application's content observing elements are a bit of oppressive. In any case, the general mix of components settles on this the best decision for guardians.

  • location tracking features available.
  • Ability to block individual apps
  • Limited message monitoring
  • Limitation is that you can’t time limits on specific apps

Norton Family Premier

#4: Net Nanny (iPhone)

This honor winning parental checking application would not let the children diverted amid examinations and it is a noteworthy site blocker. It is a superior web channel programming, stacked with against digital harassing capacities. The one of a kind component watched just in Net Nanny is that it can piece obscenity or even veil them. It is an exceptionally utilitarian device that is anything but difficult to utilize and handle. Interpersonal organization observing, visit checking and time administration are a portion of the devices that guide the guardians colossally in protecting their youngsters from any destructive ideas.

  • Simple to-utilize application.
  • Net Nanny is a capable site blocker.
  • The help is used just by writing the catchphrases.
  • Absence of few elements like social checking.

Net Nanny

#5: SecureTeen Parental Control (Android)

As the name suggest SecureTeen is basically to secure your teen. Also, it can also be used on devices which is used by your teenager kids. The best part is that you can use it for free, SecureTeen comes in two stages: a mobile app and for Android.

  • Free service.
  • Good monitoring application.
  • Can't be used to keep a track for WhatsApp.

SecureTeen Parental Control

#6: Kids Launcher with Parental Control (Android)

Kids Launcher is especially made to stop children from accessing apps and websites which you don’t want them to see. Also, it offers location tracking. This is a service that can be accessed by installing a second app. The application will show the allowed applications and dispatch that in the Children Launcher.Apart from this, Calls and instant messages can likewise be blocked, while gadget settings can be incapacitated, keeping them from being changed. Booking is likewise set up, empowering limits on to what extent applications can be utilized, and the exceptional rendition — accessible with an in-application buy — can set up a more definite calendar. It's significant that Children Launcher can be hard to exit, bringing about you restarting your telephone or tablet.

  • Only permitted app can be will be visible to kid.
  • Scheduling of apps is also a nice feature.
  • Once Exit, you have to restart.

Kids Launcher

#7: PhoneSheriff: Runner-Up (Android)

PhoneSheriff has an extraordinary suite of components. You can audit applications introduced on your youngster's telephone and square the ones that don't pass summon. You can set time limits both through the PhoneSheriff administrator board and on the gadget itself. PhoneSheriff uncovers each content your kid sends, and you're ready to piece individuals, setting up both whitelists and boycotts of telephone numbers. PhoneSheriff makes only a satisfactory showing with regards to with checking web perusing, and it doesn't offer online networking observing.

  • Granular time-limit controls
  • Extensive browsing and texting logs
  • Strong location features, including geofencing and a panic button for alerting contacts to a child's whereabouts.
  • Difficult to install
  • Blocking websites is cumbersome and filters can be hit-or-miss.


#8: Qustodio for Families Premium

While it can't coordinate the powerful list of capabilities of Norton Family Chief or PhoneSheriff, Qustodio is an advantageous option, particularly on the off chance that you live in a family unit where there's something beyond Android telephones to oversee. Qustodio costs $50 a year, and it gives you a chance to screen up to five gadgets, including Macintoshes and PCs. As a major aspect of that $50, Qustodio additionally offers a device for iOS gadgets, which we inspected independently in light of the fact that parental-control capacities are considerably more constrained on the iPhone than they are on Android telephones.

  • Easy to deal with numerous clients
  • Per-application time limits
  • Detailed content and call logs.
  • No geofencing fates
  • Poor web-separating execution.


#9: Mobicip (iPhone)

Mobicip is one among the numerous proficient parental observing applications that screen the web exercises as well as the applications that are introduced on the telephone. It is a strong site channel for mobiles. Improved substance separating is conceivable through this, and is conceivable to hinder the utilization of applications that are hurtful to youthful personalities. Generally speaking, Mobicip gives a sheltered web perusing to the family unit.

  • Personalization of channel settings is accessible.
  • Gives a protected inquiry effectively.
  • Deals with different portable stages.
  • Upgrades are as yet deficient regarding announcing capacities.
  • It is impractical to see the reports from the program, not at all like the other Parental observing applications.


#10: WebWatcher (iPhone)

This is a standout amongst other PC web checking devices and works by effectively examining all the observed interchanges. At whatever point a potential risk is observed to be prowling, WebWatcher promptly takes a screenshot of that specific content being referred to and sends a moment email to the guardians versatile. Another intriguing element is that the checked gadget is undetectable to the client and henceforth there is absence of doubt.

  • Exceptionally imperceptible intermediary sites can be blocked utilizing this application.
  • Different components like filter , channel, report are few of the many devices accessible.
  • It is not possible to send a direct mail to WebWatcher.
  • Everybody must have to use the online contact form.


Comparison of These 10 Parental Control Software for Android and iPhone

1. mSpy Premium - $29.99 Available in various packages 7.5/10 Records all the activities, works on jailbroken & non-jailbroken iOS.
2. FoneMonitor $39.99 Demo is available 9/10 Most trustworthy as per real users, use friendly.
3. Norton Family Premier $49.99 No trial 9/10 Web based configuration, great location tracking features.
4. Net Nanny $39.99 No trial 9/10 Best content filering
5. SecureTeen Parental Control Available 6.5/10 Good monitoring Services
6. Kids Launcher with Parental Control $49 Available 7.5/10 Location tracking along with monitoring activities.
7. PhoneSheriff: Runner-Up $89 7 day trial available 8/10 Extensive browsing and texting logs Strong location features
8. Qustodio for Families Premium $49.95 Available 7/10 Per-application time limits, Detailed content and call logs.
9. Mobicip $39.99 No Trial 7/10 Accountability mode, multi-user, multi-device friendly.
10. WebWatcher $169.5 ($99.95 – with NextAdvisor’s discount.) Available 9/10 Screenshots of potential threats, program blocking, Alert-word triggers

Part 2. Top 10 Free Parental Control Software for PC and Mac

#1: Windows Family Safety

Windows Family Safety programming is a basic and secure Microsoft parental controls apparatus that can be utilized to your kid far from unseemly substance on the web. This offers awesome adaptability and in a path tidies up your home web get to. This at first requires you round out a few points of interest for online enlistment and it's altogether done at that point. It is completely free and once finished with the enrollment, you can without much of a stretch set the level of sifting that reaches from nothing to strict. You can alter the channels and include particular sites that you might want you kid to have an entrance to. The program offers a rundown of child amicable sites however. It is accessible for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and so on crosswise over Windows PCs, Xbox and in addition cell phones.

  • Effortlessly plan screen time alongside setting day by day restrict
  • Extraordinary solidification of movement log and reports
  • Not upheld in non windows versatile or desktop stages
  • Every individual included needs to have an email account notwithstanding for more youthful children

Windows Family Safety

#2: Parental Controls Panel on Mac

Parental Controls Panel on Mac helps controlling substance and the applications for a particular client. This can be incredible apparatus in the event that you are a Mac client to control you children and farthest point their entrance to substance and application as far as time and use. You can set up content channels alongside restricting the exchange of sends and iChat messages.

  • Allows determining time limits for weekdays and ends of the week for use
  • Limits wrong substance and permits tweaking channels to step access to particular sites
  • Limits use of particular applications
  • Works with Mac gadgets.

Parental Controls Panel

#3: K9 WebProtection

It is a free safe browser now available for almost every major operating system like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It blocks offensive sites and filters potentially malicious sites and illegal sites from penetrating into the child’s online surfing. Hacking sites can be prevented and the complete detail of URL history is available.

  • Available on mac, windows, iPhone, android.
  • Free available.
  • Room for improvement.
  • There are no email notifications available.

K9 WebProtection

#4: Qustodio Parental Control

This makes it a standout amongst the most complex and easy to use parental control applications out there. This parental control programming free accompanies a broad dashboard that can be accessed remotely. You can track calls and instant messages on your child's gadget, piece foul substance from their gadgets, control gaming and different applications, and so forth. Likewise, it gives continuous area refreshes also. Moreover, you can screen their movement on well known online networking stages. The free arrangement accompanies a 1-client 1-gadget choice.

  • It will notify you about the cyber bullying activities taking place.
  • It offers high technical help by using keyword searchable database.
  • Alerts are not available to inform regular activities.
  • Reporting and notification features could be improved.

Qustodio Parental Control

#5: Content Barrier

Content Barrier is parental control programming for Mac OS X. Content Barrier has been built to channel and filter web content like grown-up destinations and other unseemly substance. It squares particular applications, visits and email and gives a detailed report of the exercises by the child. It works with different users also.

  • Blocks hostile substance from web
  • Simple to utilize interface
  • Blocks sites – pieces determined sites ,email
  • Offers point by point report of the exercises
  • Offers free trial
  • Improved against phishing settings to secure protection
  • Not free and restricted time for testing
  • The product just works with Mac

Content Barrier

#6: Witigo Parental Filter

Witigo Parental Filter works with Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android gadgets. It is a constant web filteing programming that goes up to 27 classifications including disgusting substance, internet amusements, savagery, and so on.

  • Filters in light of classifications – This channels content from web in view of a few classes.
  • Custom Filters – This permits tweaking the channels and blocking determined sites
  • Scheduling time points of confinement to limit web utilization
  • Offers free trials
  • Available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android
  • Simple interface to work with
  • This product is not free
  • Support is accessible by email and phone

Witigo Parental Filter

#7: WebWatcher

Witigo Parental Filter chips away at Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android gadgets. It is a constant web sifting programming that pieces up to 27 classifications including disgusting substance, internet amusements, savagery, and so on.

  • Works with both Mac and Windows
  • Offers activity monitoring reports
  • Works discretely
  • 24/7 support
  • Expensive
  • Not browser independent


#8: McAfee Safe Eyes

McAfee Safe Eyes is an awesome parental controls device which works both in Mac and Windows. It channels content from web and can be effectively redone to serve your necessities. You can channel content by class and indicate specific sites to filter.

  • Works with both Windows and Mac
  • Allows setting time limits and filtering content with room to specify particular sites to have an access to
  • Allows monitoring Instant Messaging conversations
  • Offers free trials
  • Helpful tech support
  • Expensive and limited trial period

McAfee Safe Eyes

#9: Net Nanny

Net Nanny parental control apparatus works both in Mac OS and Windows and offers web separating and alternatives to oversee time timetable and breaking points. Other than controlling, Net Nanny likewise helps in checking exercises.

  • Internet channel – This channels content from web and which are outlandish.
  • Pornography Blocking – This helps square explicit entertainment and access to disgusting substance over web
  • Time administration helps in planning time limits
  • This works with both Mac and Windows
  • This permits covering hostile dialect as opposed to obstructing the entire substance
  • Remote administration.
  • This is not free
  • Application monitoring unavailable and requires web interface

Net Nanny

#10: Norton Family Premier

Norton Family Premier is an extraordinary parental controls apparatus which works with Windows OS. Utilizing this you can without much of a stretch know where your children invest energy and how to ensure them. Besides, it likewise tracks the area of your activities. Detailed Reporting – This gives the historical backdrop of all web exercises by the kid.

  • No farthest point of number of gadgets
  • Location supervision through cell phones
  • It just works with Windows and does not bolster Mac
  • Limited online networking following

Norton Family Premier

Comparison of These 10 Parental Control Software on Windows and Mac

1. Windows Family Safety Free Available 8/10 Compatible with Every Version of Windows.
2. Parental Controls Panel on Mac Free Available 9/10 Ichat messages, reports available.
3. K9 WebProtection $00.00 $00.00 8/10 Platform Independent.
4. Qustdio Parental Control $49.95 Available 7/10 Social media tracking, handles HTTPS traffic.
5. Content Barrier $49.99 Available for Limited TIme 7/10 multi-user, multi-device friendly.
6. Witigo Parental Filter $49.99 for Windows
  • $29.99 for Mac OS
  • $29.99 for Linux
  • $12.99 for Android
Available 7.5/10 Custom filter , Scheduling etc.
7. WebWatcher $99.99 for Mac
  • $99.99 for Windows
Available 9/10 Screenshots of potential threats, program blocking, Alert-word triggers
8. McAfee Safe Eyes $49.90 Available 7/10 Free internet filter,Filter online recordings
9. Net Nanny $39.90 No Trial 9/10 Internet channel, Pornography Blocking, Time administration.
10. Norton Family Premier $50 per year No Trial 9/10 Detailed Reporting , Time and Video supervision

Part 3. Why Do You Need a Parental Control Software If You are A Parent?

As we all know the internet is filled with a lot of information. Some of them might be good for us and some of them might be bad for us. Since, we are mature so we understand that what should we read, watch and listen and what not But kids are small. They don't have that much knowledge that they can actually select things which are good for them and to ignore things which might not be good. It becomes a very tedious task for us to make them understand sometimes because they get addicted to it which is not good for them.

In this century, technology has become an essential part for all of us. Smart Phone, tab, laptop, Desktop etc. has become a daily use product. They are all controlled by the Internet Predominantly because wherever you go, you need the Internet to access information. We all understand that Internet is a boon but it is a curse too. Yes, you heard it right.

Internet is like an online market which consists of almost everything. It's you who choose to select some specific things on Internet. Same things go with the kids as well. Nowadays, Parents are worried about their kid's future. Parents are so busy in their Jobs that they give phone to their kids so that their kids can talk to them, chat with them, message them etc. Also, so that he can use internet on phone to do his homework, to learn a new language, to watch studies related videos and the list goes on…

But, Sometime kids misuse that freedom and go for sites which are not good for them. It might be the porn site, the gaming site to which he is addicted etc. I am sure you must have heard about Blue Whale Challenge. As People say "Prevention is better than Cure", so let's use that and let’s use parental control software which can help our kids to not be in a contact of applications which can harm them now and also in future. The parental control market is growing at a rapid speed as more and more kids are given Phones, tablets etc. Parental control software will help you to restrict transgressions and encourage responsible use of devices.

Safeguarding the children's minds from the wild frontiers that are disclosed on the internet is now an obligatory task among the parents. Managing the do's and don'ts of a child's access to websites and video games play a crucial part in shaping their children's future as well as their present state of mind.

So today we will discuss about best 20 free parental control software you should use to restrict the applications so that your kids can’t use them. Use these free parental control applications so that your kids can't get trapped in the curse of Internet.

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