Can Someone Hack Your Video Calls?

Can someone hack your video calls? It is a deliberate topic among people. As the technology is getting advanced the security breach of various apps has also become tough. But that doesn't mean they can't be hacked. Now, the hackers have also become savvy in hacking techniques too. They can easily hack into phone calls, video calls, messages, and other data too. Hacking a video call might seem a little bit complex but it is now possible. Hackers are designing very smart video call hackers that significantly increase the risk of data theft.

In the article, we have gathered details regarding the apps that have a risk of hacking and some tips that would hopefully prevent someone from hacking your video calls.

Part 1. Can Someone Hack Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype Video Calls?

The answer to this question can be Yes and No both.

Most of the people use WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, and Google Duo. All these apps are very popular for video calls. But to be true, the apps are designed with such encryption technologies that it becomes impossible for some third person to hack your video calls. The apps regularly keep updating its security features so that no one will be able to use any video call hacker to tap your video calls.

But, that does not mean that it is completely impossible to do so. If someone gets an access to your mobile phone and installs any third party hacking app then the scenarios completely transform and they will be able to get into your phone. You are the link that people can use against yourself. So make sure that you don't provide access to your phone to some stranger. It is totally up to you to authorize the people to get into your account. It can be the person who is contacting you with a video call. So, make sure that you do these activities with some trustworthy person.

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Part 2. How to Hack Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype Video Calls

The hacking term is not that complicated as it seems. There are many ways that can be tried to hack into any personal social media account. But to be true, it is the phone or device that gets hacked not the social media platforms. So, we are providing you some methods that are used by the hackers to hack the phone. The various hacking techniques that can be used are listed below:

Method 1. Cookie Theft

One of the simplest methods to hack any app and data from a target phone is the Cookie theft. Most of the people know that cookies keep all the username and password data for future use. But if a hacker gets access to the cookies, they will have all your personal information with a tap of their hands. It is also called Session Hijacking.

Cookie Theft

Method 2. ClickJacking Attacks

This method of hacking is also known as UI Redress. In such kind of attacks, the hackers hide behind some link where the victim is supposed to click. Mostly ads are used in such attacks. While downloading a new app, website browsing, we came across so many ads and click on them, but we don't know which one might get used to getting into the personal data of our phone.

ClickJacking Attacks

Method 3. Virus and Trojan

There are many malicious software programs that can be installed on the target device which keeps sending the personal data of the user to the hacker. The Virus and Trojans are mostly used for this purpose. They can be used to lock your files, serve fraud ads, sniff your data, and directly send your phone’s data to the hacker.

Method 4. Phishing

The Phishing technique is very effective when it comes to hacking. It this, the hacker replicates the link of the most accessed websites and send a spoofed link to random people or the targeted one. As the target clicks on the link and enter their information, their data gets to the hacker and your data pose a risk of theft. This technique has become the most common method of hacking because of the social engineering combined with it.

facebook Phishing email

Method 5. Fake WAP

The hackers have so many techniques that can be used to fake a Wireless Access Point (WAP) even for fun. Once you get connected to that fake WAP, the hackers will have a complete access to your data. It is usually the public place Wi-Fi connection that contains this kind of hacking techniques. Therefore it is advised to always use a quality VPN service to prevent such cases.

There are also some other methods such as bait and switch, passive attacks, waterhole attacks, and Denial of Service which can be used effectively by the hacker. But don't you worry, every attack have a counterattack. We have also provided some prevention method to avoid such cases.

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Other than the tips, there are some people out there who have a valid reason to hack into someone's phone. Mainly these are the parents or another family member who has a different concern regarding their kids. So, we also have a solution for them.

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  • One of the best features is that the app is completely remote. No one will be able to detect the presence of the app on the phone.

call log hacker

Part 3. [Tips] Does Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype Monitor Your Video Calls

As you all must know, WhatsApp is now a property of Facebook. And the company has also accepted the fact that it keeps a record of all the text messages and calls made within the application. So if you are wondering do all these apps monitor your video calls, it is not just the video calls that are being intercepted, all the other data is also recorded as well. The companies claim that it is done to improve the user's experience to provide better services to the users. But that does not seem a valid reason why they are tapping all the video calls and messages. It is only Skype that has not claimed that it records the calls of its users.

As all the companies have to maintain their privacy policies, the technical detail of how they do it is not made official. But it is set that the users have options to disable the settings and prevent the companies from monitoring their video calls and messages.

Part 4. Is It Possible to Monitor Someone's IMO Video Call

IMO is very popular instant messaging and video calling app. The communication done by the service is peer to peer. It means only the person you are connected to will receive the video. Some mess up can happen only if the servers are having an issue with the relay nodes or some connectivity issue. Otherwise, the app has an encryption layer on the video codec. Thus making the video calls more secure.

But that doesn't mean that certain people are not present that can do it. There are some video call hackers at NSA that can supposedly decrypt the data and can monitor your calls. But not every other person works at NSA, so, you are optimally secured unless you are a rich politician or a billionaire.

Part 5. Can Tango Video Calss Be Hacked

Tango uses a strong encryption technique for keeping the calls and messages secure. As there are 200 million users of the app, the company has to be more secure about data theft and other potential risks. But as you all know that the hackers love to do the impossible. There are some people who have reported that their app was hacked but the not single evidence was found of the case.

The video call hackers have many technologies available on the internet if they want to get into their friends and family member's social media applications. Many third-party apps can be installed on the target's phone and hack into the Tango app and also other apps.

Part 6. [Tips] How to Protect Your Video Calls from Being Hakced

Some tips listed in this section are what you need to remembered well if you want to protect your phone and prevent the video call hackers from spying on your call. There are many things that we do might leading the data theft risk, which can be prevented easily if we become a little bit more secure and careful.

The various tips that must be followed are:

1. Don't Ever Root Your Phone

Many people root or jailbreak their device to get access to some additional features but unknowingly, they are only messing up with their phone. You are only breaching the system to make it susceptible to other risks.

2. Update Regularly

Updating the phone is also necessary; the older version of OS makes the device vulnerable to various hacking technologies. That can be prevented by simply updating the OS.

3. Download Apps from Official Store

Make sure that you only download apps from the official store of your phone. Only authentic apps are allowed a place in the official store. These apps don't have any hacking system that would harm the device.

4. Know How to Use Google Play Protect

Not all the people know about the special feature Google provide for the security of the devices. It is the Google Play Protect that can prevent various threats from exploiting your data and also warns you about the potential threats.

5. Set up Two-factor Authentication

Not all the people know about the special feature Google provide for the security of the devices. It is the Google Play Protect that can prevent various threats from exploiting your data and also warns you about the potential threats.

6. Use Password Manager

Using the proper password that would be hard to hack includes various numerals, special characters, and alphabets combined together. Make sure that you use such kind of password and avoid saving it on your device.

Write in the End

We have discussed so many ways that would allow the users to hack into various social media accounts and hack video calls and their messages. Among all the ways, you can choose the reliable one, or you can know how to avoid being hacked.

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