Should We Answer Calls from Unknown Numbers

Should we answer calls from Unknown numbers? The answer to this question varies from person to person. But most commonly people would say no. Getting calls from an unknown number is not that rare but picking up all the calls might be a risky thing to do. There are many people in the world who can hack your phone simply by calling you from an unknown number. So, in this article, we will discuss what exactly an unknown number is and how can we prevent such calls.

Part 1. What is Unknown Number? Is It A Scam or Hacker?

To be simple, any number that you don't recognize or remember is considered as an Unknown number. Sometimes, even the restricted number shows up on the screen as unknown numbers.

Usually, the unknown numbers aren't harmful as it can be a known person who is calling from a new number. But it is also not advisable to pick up all the unknown number calls. There are many scammers who try to call you to get you involved in some scam or fraud. It can also be a hacker who is trying to imply some hacking technique on your phone.

But it is totally up to you how you respond to such kind of calls. It rarely happens that someone who already knows you will call and don't even leave a message if you didn't pick up the call. That's the first sign of getting alert of such calls. If it is a person who is trying to hack into your phone then picking up the call will surely cost you. It could lead to data theft or privacy breach.

There are 90% chances that the unknown callers are telemarketers or spam callers. So, it is better if you let them ring or cut them if you want to. If you have some doubt regarding a call from an unknown number, you can always look them up on the internet and search the identity among millions of people with various number lookup websites. You can also install some tracking apps that allow you to prevent the calls from telemarketers, spam callers and from other unknown numbers.

If the number is not known and they are regularly disturbing you, then the best option is to block them completely from your phone.

Part 2. How to Block Unknown Numbers on Your Phone

Blocking seems the perfect solution for the unknown callers who frustrate you by calling in your personal hours. You can use the inbuilt blocking feature of your device to prevent the unknown callers from calling you or even texting you again. The process to block a number varies depending on their OS. So, we have provided the exact process to block unknown numbers on your phone.

If you have an iPhone, you can block the unknown numbers follow the steps below:

Step 1. Open you calls and select the "Recent" tab. It will display all the recent incoming and outgoing calls of your iPhone.

Step 2. Select the Unknown number's call and it will open some other options. At the bottom of the screen, you will see an option which says "Block this Caller". Tap on it the caller will be blocked.

block iPhone nuknown numbers

If you are using an Android phone, then the process of blocking the numbers might differ depending on which phone you are using. But usually, there is a similar way to do this. To follow the steps below to block the unknown number from your Android phone:

Step 1. Launch the phone app and open the recent calls.

Step 2. In the recent calls tap on the unknown number and it will open some options. Most probably, you will see an option on the screen asking you to block the caller. Tap on it and block the number completely.

block unknown numbers on Android

If not, open the setting and you will surely have a "Reject" list or "Blacklist" in which you can add the number. When you block someone, the unknown number won't be able to call you or even text you from the same number again unless you unblock them. If you can't find the blocking feature of your phone, you can always choose any reliable and effective third-party app to block the unknown numbers.

You can also block unknown whatsapp numbers not in contacts if they are irritating you somehow. To block any contact within the WhatsApp app, then follow the steps as:

Step 1. Launch the WhatsApp app and tap on the number that you want to block.

Step 2. In the chat, tap on the menu option and select "More". Further, you will see certain options, select the "Block" option and the number will be blocked.

block unknown number on whatsapp

You can see the blocked number in the Blocked Contacts list in our Privacy settings. Once you block the number, he/she won't be able to contact you via message or call.

Part 3. How to Track Unknown Calls

If you want to track a call then there is no better option than choosing a third party app which is supported by both Android and iPhone. you can also choose an online service that would do the work for you. Tracking a number can be done very easily with the help of such platforms.

Let's take an example of TrueCaller. It is a very popular platform to track calls online. It is also available for downloading on iPhone and Android device. To track a call from the platform might be the easy thing to do to avoid the time spent in downloading the app on your device. So, we are mentioning the steps you have to perform to track an unknown number with the help of TrueCaller:

Step 1. Visit the official website. When the page opens up, you will see a search box where you can type the number. Enter the number and tap on the Search button.

website to trace unknown number

Step 2. In the next screen, sign in using a valid email ID and the website will do the rest. It will display the result in a while and you will know the location of the number and possibly the name if that number is also registered on TrueCaller.

online tracking unknown calls

Part 4. Why Do You Always Get Unkown Calls

There is no specific reason why you are getting unknown calls on a regular basis. If it is the spam callers or telemarketers than you can contact the service provider to block those calls permanently. If not and there is some other person at the other end then you better block the unknown number to avoid them.

Part 5. How to Call Anyone with Unknown Number

Getting calls from unknown numbers is a little bit distressing but people also wonder if they can make their call private and call someone else with an unknown number. The answer is a big YES. Of course, you can make calls with an unknown number. There are certain methods that you can try to hide your number from the people you call. Even the iPhone and Android devices have an inbuilt feature that can hide your number from showing up on the other phone.

To make private calls from iPhone, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Open the iPhone settings app and select the Phone option.

Step 2. In the next screen, you will see some options, tap on the "Show My Caller ID" option and toggle it to switch it off.

switch off show my caller ID

And that's it, now the people you call won't be able to see your number when you call them.

To call someone in unknown number in the Android devices, there is a setting that can also hide the Caller ID and make calls displayed as an Unknown number on the other person' s screen. To do this, follow the steps:

Step 1. Open the Phone app and click on Settings. In the settings, you will see "Calls" option. Tap on it and select the Additional Settings.

make private calls from Android

Step 2. In the Additional Settings, you will see an option stating Caller ID. Next, tap on the Hide number option you caller ID will be hidden from now on.

call private

Thus, you will also be able to make calls from an unknown number. You can also disable the setting in the same way.

Write in the End

So, as we have mentioned almost every aspect of unknown calls that you need to know. We really hope that you would avoid the calls or block the calls from unknown numbers so that they won't be able to bother you in future.

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