How to Track Outgoing and Incoming Phone Calls

Many people want to know how to keep a track of their own or someone else's incoming and outgoing calls. There are plenty of tools available on the internet which allow the users to track the calls. Some of the apps can easily tell you the details of the caller if they are unknown. So, in the article, we are mentioning some useful tools as outgoing and incoming call trackers that would tell you the details of your call log with the caller's ID.

Part 1. How to Track Outgoing and Incoming Phone Calls

The first app that we are recommending for the users to track someone else's incoming and outgoing calls, is the FoneMonitor app. the app is designed as a parental control tool to track and monitor the kid's activities. But it is also used for employees and spouse to keep an eye on their actions too. it is a very effective outgoing and incoming call tracker that even provide the details of the deleted calls.

Why Choose This Outgoing and Incoming Call Tracker:

  • The app can spy and monitor the calls, contact logs, and messages remotely.
  • It can also track photos and videos along with the social media apps.
  • The users can set Geofences on the target device and can monitor its live location anytime.
  • The app also has a Keylogger feature that keeps a track of the pressed keys which is very helpful in hacking into the personal data of the device.


Easy Steps to Track Incoming and Outgoing Phone Calls

Step 1. Registration

At first, visit the website and click on the Signup options and enter your valid email ID and password for registration. You will get a confirmation mail and a download link from the FoneMonitor. Then in the next screen enter the details of the target device, i.e. the owner's name, age and their operating system details.

Sign up on FoneMonitor

Step 2. Verify the Target Device

If the device is Android then get a physical access sot the phone and open the download link you received on your mail during registration. But first, remember to enable the "Unknown Resources Installation" on the device before you install the app on the target device. Download and install the app and then log in to the app.

setup on Android

If the target is an iPad or iPhone (including iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max), you only need to verify the iCloud account of the device owner. Enter the iCloud id and password and tap on Verify. Also, make sure that the target has enabled backup and sync option in the iPhone.

Verify iCloud ID

Step 3. Outgoing and Incoming Phone Call Tracking

Now, all you need to do is to get access to the FoneMonitor website or download the app in your own device. Then go the dashboard of FoneMonitor and click on the "Calls" option and you will be able to see all the incoming and outgoing calls of the target device.

incoming call tracking software

You can also see the deleted calls in the "Clue" option. With the help of this outgoing and incoming call tracker, you can keep an eye on other activities of the target device including messages, reminders, memos, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

Part 2. Other 6 Outgoing and Incoming Call Trackers for Android and iPhone

In this section, we are mentioning some other outgoing and incoming call tracker that can be used on Android and iPhone. All the apps might not support both the OS, but they will effectively work on whichever platform they are available for. The trackers are listed below:

1. Number Locator

This is quite an amazing incoming call location tracker app when it comes to the tracking of the calls. This putgoing and incoming call tracking software is only available for iOS users. If you ever wondered who is calling you then this app will tell you by gathering up the details of the number. It will show up the details of the number if they call you again. Even if you missed the calls, you can track it by this incoming call tracker and find out the details with just one tap.


  • The users have a choice in the interface.
  • The price is low.
  • You can also get text updates of your outgoing and incoming calls.


  • It can only keep a track of the calls, not the phone.

Compatible OS system:

  • This app supports even the iOS 5.1.1 and all the later versions.

Number Locator

2. Mobile Number Tracker Location

This app is a real-time outgoing and incoming call tracker. It will give you the details of the calls accurately including the operator of the number, their location, and name. It is very helpful in keeping the knowledge of all the calls sent and received from your number.


  • This app could even tell the operator of the numbers in your call log.
  • Users can also make a call within the app.


  • If the app is not installed on the target device, you will get the location on the map which might not be accurate.

Compatible OS system:

  • This app is compatible with iOS 10.0 and above.

Mobile Number Tracker Location

3. Search and Track number

The Search and Track Number is a number lookup app which can effectively keep a track of all the calls of a device. It has an animated user interface which provides quick access to the call logs.


  • The app will tell you who is calling you and from where.
  • It provides the most accurate details of the caller.
  • The incoming and outgoing calls are kept in different tabs to provide a better access.


  • The app's number search is limited to 4 in the free version.

Compatible OS system:

  • This app supports iOS version 8.0 and later.

Search and Track number

4. Call Tracker

As the name suggests it is an effective outgoing and incoming call tracker that keeps a complete log of the phone. It has a customized system to keep the type of calls, i.e. incoming, outgoing and missed calls synced with a calendar.


  • The app can keep a complete track of the calls with exact duration.
  • You can store the call logs of various devices in a single app.


  • There are some errors reported in the syncing of calls after accepting the Google Inbox invite.

Compatible OS system:

  • This app is compatible with Android 4.0 and up.

Call Tracker

5. Mobile Number Locator

This is the app that can track unknown numbers, calls, STD and ISD codes easily. It is a tracker that is so efficient in its function that it will even allow the users to get info of their international outgoing and incoming calls.


  • Along with the tracker, the app also has a caller location tracking feature.
  • You can see the details of the call logs and find out the details in the log.


  • The app contains many ads.

Compatible OS system:

  • This app supports Android version 4.0 and above.

Mobile Number Locator

6. Trace Mobile Number

The Trace Mobile Number is an app for a complete call log tracking and identification function. It will find out the location of the number of their telecom operator and other details with just one click.


  • The app can work offline without any internet connection.
  • It provides a regular analysis of your incoming and outgoing calls.


  • Sometimes show issues in the location tracking feature.

Compatible OS system:

  • The app is compatible with Android Version 4.0 and above.

Trace Mobile Number

Part 3. How to Track Your Own Outgoing and Incoming Calls

Tracking our own calls might be the easiest task that could be done with a single tap. No matter what kind of device you own, iPhone or Android, you can see the outgoing and incoming calls with just one tap.

In iOS devices, you have to click on the "Phone" icon and tap on the "Recent" tab and all the incoming and outgoing calls will be displayed on the screen.

how to track incoming calls on iphone

In Android devices, the interface might differ a little bit, but once you click on the Phone icon, it will display the call log directly. You won't need an additional outgoing and incoming call tracker for this. Some Android phones can even keep the call log for more than a year. You can also see the history of the incoming and outgoing calls by tapping on a number.

track incoming calls on Android

Part 4. How to Track Outgoing and Incoming Calls on A Landline

Landline is still in use in many cities and is very helpful for the elderly people as they don't have proper knowledge on how to use the modern technology. Although, knowing the call logs of the Landline phone is also very important. The Landline phone still hasn't advanced to have an inbuilt call tracker in them. The only possible way to get the call log and history is by the service provider.

To track the calls of a landline phone you won't need an outgoing and incoming call tracker, but have to contact the service provider. Ask your service provider to enlist the history of the call sent and received from the landline.

And the next time you will get your phone bills, it will have all the call details of the phone. You can also find the call log in the menu of the landline. It usually stores up to a fixed number of call history.


Now you know, that no matter what kind of phone you have, there are many methods you can try for keeping a log of your calls. There are many outgoing and incoming call trackers on the internet which can keep a long history of calls. Also, there is FoneMonitor which will help you to monitor other person calls remotely.

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