How to Hack Voice Calls of Other Mobile

Calls have been the most important way of communication which is used to share information from one person to another person. It is usually the family members who try to hack the voice calls. Whether it is the parents who want to know about their kid's life or spouses who have certain doubts, call hacking will reveal what's been going on in their life. There are various tools that would fit their requirements but finding a reliable app is a very difficult task. So, to tell you how to hack voice calls of another mobile, we will discuss some hacking methods and an effective method that would help you to hack voice calls of your friends or family member.

Part 1. How to Hack Voice Calls of Other Mobile

The voice calls can be hacked with some methods that would prove effective. But it does not work in all the cases. Some methods that can help the users to hack voice calls of other mobile are listed below:

Method 1.SS7 Attack

The SS7 means Signaling System that can allow any person to listen to your calls and track your location by simply having your phone number. This method shows vulnerability to only those people who know your number and has some intentions to do so.

SS7 Attack

Method 2. Phishing

The Phishing method is used by tech experts who know what kind of system they have to design to allow a complete access to the targeted device. It can break a phone's privacy system and can be done very easily by sending a text to a random number.

Method 3. Hacking and Spying Tools

There are many spying and hacking tools available in the market that can help a person to know how to hack voice calls of another mobile. These tools are so powerful and effective that they can hack calls, messages, photos and videos, and social media apps too. Hacking tools will easily allow getting into a device and monitoring all the activities of that device.

Part 2. How to Spy Someone's Voice Call Online

Spying someone online can be done with any third party service that allows a complete access to the target device. But you must have enabled the service on the target device to do that. There are some online software that offer a voice call recording feature that can be used to spy on someone else's calls.

Let us take an example of Appmia software. The software is a very powerful tool that provides a real-time access and that's how it allows the users to spy on the calls online. The steps you have to follow are given below:

Step 1. Buy the Appmia software from its official page and download the application on the phone whose calls you want to track. The installation process is very easy and will take only 2 minutes.

Step 2. Now login to your Appmia user area and view the information of the target device online.

Step 3. In the dashboard, you will see a Call Record option in which you will find all the calls that are received and sent from the phone.


Thus, you will be able to listen to the other person's voice calls without getting detected. As the app works in an invisible mode, the target users won't be able to notice its presence. You will be able to take control of the device anytime, anywhere.

Part 3. [Tips] Is It Possible to Spy Call Voicemail

It is not always the second person who wants to spy on call voicemail. Sometimes, we also need access to our voicemails even though we don't have access to our phones. Such a scenario complicates the situation and makes people wish that there would be software that would do it for us. Even the FoneMonitor app has a section for Voices where voicemails are saved.

Part 4. Best Android and iPhone Call Log Hacker App

It is the FoneMonitor app that you will need if you want to know how to hack call history of another mobile. The app is the most reliable and effective app for call log monitoring for the parents and the employers. They might be the only person who is eligible and has valid reasons to spy on someone's call log. The FoneMonitor is a very powerful tool that would allow the users to get into the target phone without their knowledge and will keep a track of all their activities.

Why Recommend This Call History Hacker App:

  • The app gives a complete control over the call logs and contacts. Users can easily track and monitor every call, even the deleted ones.
  • It can track the live location of the target device and can also set Geofences for them.
  • The app can track all the social media apps present on the device remotely.
  • It can also be used be used to track messages and other services of the phone like a reminder, voicemails, memos, etc.
  • The Keylogger feature is very helpful in hacking accounts of the target device.

Apart from the call logs, the users can track and monitor photos and videos, messages, contact numbers, GPS location, and other social media apps too. You will have a complete solution of parental control which allows you to track, monitor and hack into any device.



We hope that this guide helped you in clearing out some doubts that you had regarding the process on how to hack voice calls of another mobile. Also, the next time you want to hack someone's call and messages or any other app, use the FoneMonitor app as it is undetectable and reliable.

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